About us

«KAP Logistics» LLP was established in order to improve the efficiency of operational management and control over timely logistical support and forwarding services for enterprises of the system of Kazatomprom NAC JSC.

The founders of the company are Kazatomprom NAC JSC (94,0982%), Karatau LLP (0.0001%), Kazatomprom-SaUran LLP (5.3987%), RU-6 LLP (0.5030% ).

«KAP Logistics» LLP provides railway, trucking and cargo handling for enterprises of the system of Kazatomprom NAC JSC according to their monthly applications.

Currently, the structure of «KAP Logistics» LLP includes:

  • Centralizovannaya avtoperevalochnaya baza branch, located in the village of Taukent of Suzak district of Turkestan region;
  • TTK-Shieli branch, located in Shieli district of Kyzylorda region.
  • Ontustik branch, located in the city of Shymkent;
  • Kazatomservice branch, located in the city of Astana;

To date, the company has 1450 employees.

The main users of services to date are uranium mining companies of the system of Kazatomprom NAC JSC located in Turkestan and Kyzylorda regions. These are subsidiary enterprises as Kazatomprom – SaUran LLP and RU-6 LLP, Ortalyk SE LLP. Joint ventures as Katko JV LLP, Inkai JV LLP, Karatau LLP, Akbastau JSC, Appak LLP, Semizbay-U LLP, UGHK JV LLP.

Management of the company's activities and control over the observance of the rights and interests of its Participants is carried out by the following bodies:

  • The supreme body is the General Meeting of Participants;
  • Supervisory body - Supervisory Board;
  • The executive body is the Director-General.
  • The subject of the company's activities is the following activities:
  • Manufacture of other inorganic chemicals;
  • Construction of non-residential buildings, with the exception of stationary trade objects of category 1;
  • Construction of roads and highways;
  • Activities in the organization of construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance, toll traffic on public roads (sections) of general use of international and republican importance, as well as their repair works and maintenance;
  • Demolition of buildings;
  • Other construction and installation works;
  • Maintenance and repair of vehicles;
  • Agents involved in the sale of a wide range of goods;
  • Wholesale trade in motor gasoline;
  • Wholesale of diesel fuel;
  • Wholesale of residual oil;
  • Wholesale of other fuel;
  • Freight rail transportation;
  • Transportation by bus;
  • Freight transportation by road;
  • Warehousing and storage of non-food products, except grain;
  • Operation of railways;
  • Transport processing of cargo;
  • Freight forwarding services;
  • Renting and management of own property;
  • Complex material and technical support within the group of companies Kazatomprom NAC JSC through centralized procurement without making a profit;
  • All activities subject to licensing in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with which the Company has the right to engage in if there is a license received in accordance with the established procedure.

Since the day of its foundation, the company has been developing confidently expanding its borders and opportunities in all directions, making every effort to ensure uninterrupted supply and delivery of the main commodities inventory for uranium mining enterprises of the system of Kazatomprom NAC JSC.